Hi there! My name is Bobby, what’s yours? Want to be friends, follow me or heart some photos?

Exploring Bobby’s World is a spin-off of my first blog, Bobby’s World. What started out as a lifestyle blog on Tumblr in 2007 has now become a catchall for my favourite things. (Go ahead and follow me there, too.) As of late—nudged by the impeding “quarter-life crisis”—the desire to restart my blog kept popping up and so here we are. Exploring Bobby’s World is a travel+lifestyle blog covering a range of my favourite topics: style, home and (most important) travel.

Over the last couple of years my life changed drastically, from completing university to working in the corporate world and then abruptly leaving it in the past to fulfill something. This new blog will document that something.

Where/When I Discovered Wanderlust

I’m very fortunate to have parents that have instilled the importance of travel to me as far back as I can remember—San Francisco, California at the age of two, actually! From that moment on, I was obsessed with air and train travel and loved exploring new sites and cities.

The summer after my first year of high school we visited my aunt and uncle who were living in Germany and something happened to me. Something overcame me. I felt at home in a way I never had felt before. Fast forward a few months, I was packing two large suitcases, filing for a German Residence Permit and moving across the pond. Life in Deutschland was good to me: I traveled extensively throughout Europe, made incredible friends and attended festivals galore.

After graduating high school in Germany, I returned to the states for university. I returned with a new outlook on life that hasn’t left me and so I’m taking advantage of any free moment to continue my desire to travel and explore the world. Come along!

I would love to meet you or share stories/experiences/recommendations, so feel free to send me an email.

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