Hi there! My name is Bobby, what’s yours? Want to be friends, follow me or like some photos?

Exploring Bobby’s World is a spin-off of my first blog, Bobby’s World. What started out as a lifestyle blog on Tumblr in 2007 has now become a catchall for my favourite things. (Go ahead and follow me there, too.) Nudged by a quarter-life crisis in 2015, the desire to restart my blog kept popping up and so here we are. exploringbobbysworld.com is a travel+lifestyle blog covering a range of my favourite topics: style, home and (most important) travel.

For project enquiries and collaboration opportunities, contact exploringbobbysworld@gmail.com.

Where/When I Discovered Wanderlust

I’m very fortunate to have parents that have instilled the importance of travel to me as far back as I can remember—San Francisco, California at the age of two, actually! From that moment on, I have been obsessed with air and train travel and love exploring new sites and cities.

In high school, something overcame me. I packed two large suitcases, filed for a German Residence Permit, and moved across the pond. Life in Deutschland was good to me: I traveled extensively throughout Europe, made incredible friends and attended festivals galore.

After graduating high school in Germany, I returned to the states for university. I returned with a new outlook on life that hasn’t left me and so I’m taking advantage of any free moment to continue my desire to travel and explore the world. Come along!

I would love to meet you or share stories/experiences/recommendations, so feel free to send me an email.

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