Hashtags are Providing Insight into Cultures and Countries

Last week, you may have seen #GrowingUpBlack become a trending hashtag in the United States. With more than 1.26 million tweets, the hashtag has elicited comedy in 140-characters as users share their experiences of black identity in the states.

This is the kind of viral humour that catches on. The “Growing Up” meme has taken form (and trended) in an array of topics: #GrowingUpAGirl, #GrowingUpShy, #GrowingUpWithSiblings and #GrowingUpGay to name only a few. But it didn’t stop there. Now, nearly every nationality has a spin-off, providing an insightful look into growing up in not only a different culture, but also a different country. Here are a few of the most predominant nationalities that trended:

I definitely recommend taking a few minutes out of your day and exploring the hashtags of countries you’re curious about. It’s a nice outsiders observation and will ultimately give you a good chuckle.

It’s interesting to note one of the more surprising outcomes with this Twitter trend has been how similar ‘growing up’ experiences appear to be in many cultures, says Mike Wendling of BBC Trending, which monitors online trends around the world. For example, Wendling noticed that one photo of a biscuit tin filled with a sewing kit [example] has appeared under #GrowingUpBlack, #GrowingUpArab, #GrowingUpScottish and #GrowingUpHispanic.

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