Friday Favourites: 22 September 2017

Happy Friday, everyone!

You’re in a for a scare and a laugh or two…

Favourite Laugh: Ellen scaring Sarah Paulson (three time sin a row).

Favourite Surprise: Target’s new elevated menswear line, Goodfellow & Co.

Favourite New Home Line: Project 62, a new modern home style brand exclusively at Target.

Favourite Read: Why People Can’t Agree on Basic Facts by Tali Sharot for TIME

Every day we produce approximately 2.5 billion gigabytes of data and perform 4 billion Google searches. In the short time it took you to read the last sentence, approximately 530,243 new ones were executed.

If people love information, what better way to influence their beliefs than to offer data? Yet, a puzzling phenomenon emerged with the rise of the digital age. As information about the world became readily accessible, people were still inclined to argue about the facts.


Favourite Find: Grove Collaborative — natural, organic cleaning products delivered to your door.



Photography: Bela Borsodi, Target, Grove Collaborative

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