Friday Favourites: 13 October 2017

Friday the 13th in October — does it get more spoopy than that?

I’m in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend for a wedding, but I was able to pull together a few favourites from this week. Please share yours in the comments or send me a tweet!

Favourite Podcast: Last week, I featured the podcast, Deadly Manners, and then the next day I was introduced to My Favorite Murder by some wonderful people who saw last week’s post and thought I was missing out. (And I was!) MFM is a true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff (head writer for Ellen, The Rosie Show and The Pete Holmes Show) and Georgia Hardstark (famous for several shows on Cooking Channel).


Favourite Fashion: Reebok’s Workout Clean Ultraknit, featuring an EVA midsole, rubber outsole for increased traction and the label’s signature branding to the sidewall.


Favourite Find: The Halloween section from Williams Sonoma.


Favourite Event: Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles Buy 2 Get 2 Free event.

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