Friday Favourites: 20 October 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! What a week it has been. It almost feels like a blur. This week’s favourites features a lot of videos, but they’re really short, so give them a watch — I promise they’re worth it (especially the bonus clip under my favourite event)!

Favourite Event

Although it’s been an event at public libraries across the country for sometime, Drag Queen Story Hour made headlines this week in Long Beach. Check out this 60 second clip of a queen reading to kids at the New York Public Library to promote acceptance of what makes us unique, acknowledgement of our shared humanity, and love for ourselves.


Here’s a clip of Alex Jones, of Right Wing Watch, throwing a chair because the event makes him so mad 😂

Favourite Fantasy

This year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Stacking up at 276 pages, the 91st edition is undeniably an American tradition, dating all the way back to 1926. It famously includes a “fantasy gifts” section, which has some insane gift ideas for those rough and ready with their cash.

Favourite Laugh

Ellen’s new segment, “Oh, Straight People,” which pokes gentle fun at the zany things heterosexuals get up to.

Favourite Accessory

Anderson & Sheppard Cotton-Twill Maplewood-Handle Umbrella

Favourite Read

College Advice I Wish I’d Taken by Susan Shapiro

Photography: Mr Porter

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