2020: My New Year’s Goals

I don’t like the concept of “resolutions” but I do like to set goals that I can put into place for progressive change.

  1. Take control of the device that is stealing my time. I’m reevaluating my time usage with apps and redefining my relationship with ‘always-on’ work emails (especially the weekends).
  2. This will be the year I finally learn to say ‘no’. I find that I commit myself to things because I feel pressured, I don’t want to let people down, or FOMO.
  3. Accept myself. I have reached a point in my life (approaching 30) that I feel pleased with the person I have become. For too long, I’ve questioned almost every move and overthought so much of what I’ve done. It’s time to accept who I am and be confidence in the person I have become.

4 and 5 are carry over goals from last year, but I like them so much I want to continue them.

  1. Find happiness in the person staring back at me in the mirror every morning. Last year, I found myself to be more critical of my body than ever before. On average, I worked out 5 days a week because I wanted to transform my body into what I saw when scrolled on Instagram. I want to continue that momentum, but I want to resume it for different reasons. (And that shirtless photo? I finally took it.)
  2. Keep reading. I really enjoy it. It’s a wonderful escape from my iPhone and the world war we’re facing. It also makes for great conversation between friends and strangers alike.

I’m curious what you’re looking to accomplish or continue this year. Share yours with me in the comments or slide into my DMs on Instagram or Twitter.





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