Music Monday: 25 September 2017

You don’t need tickets or a Passport to hear this week’s picks of my favourite music tracks from around the world.

Listen to this week’s curated tracks below, or check out all of September’s new music picks on my monthly curated playlist on Spotify. Have a song I should hear? Leave a comment or email me with your suggestion!

It was kind of quiet week in the realm of releases, but I’ve been able to find a few favourites that I think you’ll enjoy! I’m currently loving the collab between Macklemore and Kesha; Maggie Rogers‘s electro-folk single, Split Stones; Kim Petras‘s Hillside Boys sparkles like champagne; and Mark Forster‘s Kogong is the sound that the heart makes when you listen carefully.

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Social media’s effort of recovery during Hurricane Harvey

At the time of this writing, #HurricaneHarvey is an active tropical cyclone causing catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas.

So many calls came into 911 in the Houston area this past weekend, many began turning to social media for help. Facebook activated its Safety Check, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army accepted donations via text message, and a Reddit thread was kept up-to-date with news, requests and information to aid in the effort of recovery.

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Back to the homeland

There is something about Autumn, with the leaves changing colours and the crisp fresh air, that makes me lust for travel. Well, the time has come for a new adventure to my most favourite place. Come along!

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